Today i want to talk about set backs and the reason for this is that I had a small one this week.  Now I have been telling you all about Mindset.  When I talk about mindset I like to always tell you the truth that you have to have a strong mindset to make it in business and life.  Today I am going to tell you about a slight set back that I had recently.  I have been so busy trying to get my sites viewed and help others get their sites up and running that I made a bone head mistake that cost me over $300.  I am human and I make mistakes just like everyone else but I was beginning to get a little full of myself.  I was starting to over extend myself and try to do things that I had no business doing and I got burned.  As you all know the holiday season is very busy and hectic (for those of you that celebrate). I have been trying to get all my shopping done and pay off some of my debt.  Well I paid a little too much one particular debt and wound up owing my bank over $300.  Well what happened was I paid the same bill twice I forgot that I had scheduled one payment and scheduled another.  I was also waiting on some funds from AlertPay.  Now the reason that this happened is this particular account I use for bills I only keep enough money in it to services my monthly bills.  I only balance it once a month, this way I don't want to spend any of the money.  Now if I had the wrong mindset I would have flipped out and got all upset and said that I am an idiot or how dumb can I be. But now days I just shrug it off and move on. Because I know that as long as I live I will always have setbacks and that it how I deal with them that makes all the difference.  So the next time you make a mistake don't beat yourself up over it just move on because it wasn't your first and it won't be your last.

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