I have had several people ask me why I join so many programs.  I one simple answer "It takes time".  What I mean by this is that if you want to make lasting income or residual income it takes time. You aren't going to create a lasting income in just a few days, granted you may make a good bit of money, but if you don't allow for a window of change you will not create anything that will last.  As we have all learned over this past year or so, you never know what the future holds. I have been trying to make money online for several years and I have been successful at times, while others times I have failed miserably. Now that I am taking my time to build multiply streams of income I am seeing greater results than I ever thought possible. I am not trying to tell you that you should join 100 programs but you should consider 3-5 well rounded programs.  By doing this  you should always have a good steady stream of income.   If one of your sources of income stops you still have several more you can use to grow to replace what you have lost. When you take your time you also learn that you don't need or want what you thought you couldn't live with out just a little while ago.  Your priorities will change and so will your goals.  Just be a little patient and you may discover that you have achieve goals you set years earlier you just didn't realize it yet.  I realized that I had set several goal in my teens and a few months ago I realized that I had achieved several of them and hadn't even known it.  One such goal way to get a motorcycle, which I have had 2.  Another was to own a Honda Passport, I have one with 22" rims ( bought it that way).  I had gotten lots of things that I wanted with out even realizing I had them until they were gone.  All I am trying to say is Time is the best thing you have when it comes to reaching a goal.  If you really want something just be patient and take a few steps toward your goal and you will get there.

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