I hope 2009 was a good year for everyone.  I know some of you like myself 2009 was a challenge.  It started out to be the worst year ever and ended up being one of the best years I have ever had.  It was not the best finacially but I learned so much that I feel that no matter what happens in the future I will be able to make money and pay my bills.  2010 is going to an Awesome year I know that I will still have challenges but I also know I have the mind set now that can get me through anything.  I am on my way to meeting all of my goals and will now have to set new ones.  In the coming year I believe that with all the hard work and hours I have put in, I will achieve more than I can imagine.  For those of you that have been following me thank you I really aperciate each and everyone of you.  I don't think that I could have made it this far without hearing that others are listening and that they understand me.  I know how hard it can be to try to convince other to try to do something to make money  when you are not making money or barely making any money.  That is why I like the types of programs that I have on my site you don't have to tell a single person about them and you will still make money.  After you are making money it is a whole lot easier to get others to listen and join.  We all know that we want join a program with someone that has had success with the venture that we are trying to get going.  I have joined tons of programs just because the offer on the was too good to pass up only to be disappointed because I couldn't recruit.  With the revshare and passive income sites that are available here on www.EarnWithJames.net you can make money first, then tell others, and that makes recruiting a lot easier.  People always want the assurance that they have someone that can help them because they have been there and done that.  I am not going to tell you that I have it all figured out and that I am a Guru because I'm not.  I'm just an ordinary guy that searched and searched, and still have a lot to learn.  But while I'm learning I have found ways to make money.  As time goes by I discover more and more about myself and in the process I hope to help others see that you don't have to be a "Guru"  to make money online you just have to find a way that allows you the ability to earn an learn.  You can do the same and most of the site listed here are FREE to join so you can see for yourself that this can work for you.  Just join the program of your choice learn as much as you can about the program.  When your are comfortable put a little money in and you're set. You can make money without telling a single sole.  This is why I know that 2010 I going to be a Great year.

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